The gallery is usually rented by the week - these are the simple terms and conditions for weekly renting, with further enquiries or to discuss pop up dates at £250 for 3 days please email Jayne on: hepsibah@mac.com 
...or call Jayne Hepsibah on 07730596303

Hepsibah Gallery


Hepsibah Gallery is between Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith, in a lively and exciting part of West London, with a range of good shops and restaurants and well-served by public transport. The gallery is an 13 ft  cube, with excellent natural light and is suitable for the full range of 2 and 3D art work (though regrettably not for objects in precious or semi-precious materials).

Please read the terms and conditions carefully, as we have tried to cover most of the contingencies that might arise.  If you have any questions, please ask!


Hire periods and charges

The gallery is to be hired on a weekly basis, the period running from 9am on the 

Thursday start date to 6pm on the wed end date with an hour 'til 7pm  allowed for taking out screws,filling,sanding,tidying and making good.

Installation and hanging of exhibitions and dismantling and making good are to be completed within this period, with the space ready for the next artist by the close.

The charge for each week is: …£450…or……TBA…….for a two week hire.

An amount of: ..50%…is to be paid at the time of booking and in the event of cancellation this sum is not refundable.

If a booking is made less than…6…. weeks in advance, then the full balance is payable in advance.


Opening times and the private view

The artist (s) and his or her representatives, have access to the gallery by means of their own key between the hours of..9am..and..6pm..on weekdays and…10am…and…4pm...on Sundays.  Between these times, they may determine their own opening hours and make arrangements for invigilation.  Other parts of the premises (the Hat Salon and the Office) are not open to the general public, so that for security reasons the gallery door will be kept locked in the absence of an attendant.

The basement of the premises is a private flat.  The artist and his or her representatives may use the lavatory there, but the area is closed to the general public.

The artist (s) may have a Private View on any one day during the hire period, except Sunday and the gallery on this day may close at …9pm…… to the public, with a further hour available for clearing up. From experience it is recommended that the artist hangs and has the private view on the Thursday opening as it has proved a convenient day for guests and visitors to attend.

Catering arrangements are at the discretion of the artist, but please ask if advice is needed as to the best local wineshops, glass hire and caterers.  The forecourt, protected if necessary by an awning, may be used during the Private View, but please be careful not to block access to the upstairs residents.


Hanging, installation and lighting

The gallery has two hanging options:

1.      A high picture rail runs around three sides, and picture tools and steps are available.  A minimum of two people will be needed to hang, and the assistance of a handyperson can be arranged if needed (see below for terms).

2.      Some artists may wish to hang or display their work directly onto the board walls of the gallery.  In this case the services of the handyperson must be used to install and to take down and make good at the close, at a rate of £20ph or part of an hour.

The gallery has excellent natural and artificial light. The forecourt awning can be lowered to protect work from strong sunlight and the ceiling lights(except the window lights which are static) may be adjusted to suit the display.  Lights should be turned off before adjusting, as the bulbs become quite hot: and as with hanging, the process of adjustment needs two people.


Gallery furniture and equipment

Various items of gallery furniture may be used by artists if they wish.  A substantial 19th Century easel can be part of the window display but if not required will become a visual barrier between the gallery and the office or can be removed to the office.

Four plain white plinths can be used either horizontally or vertically and may be fixed to the floor for security.

A  pair of folding chairs is also available.

A vacuum cleaner and cleaning materials may be borrowed from the basement kitchen.



Artists are responsible for insuring their own artworks and themselves while at the Hepsibah Gallery and the Hepsibah Gallery take no responsibility for any damage to artworks or accidents to the artist while they are on the premises of the gallery. 



Every effort is made to make your exhibition successful. If there are any special requirements that are needed please contact Jayne Sullivan.  Good luck and have fun with the show.

The Hepsibah Gallery mailing list

Hepsibah Gallery owns a mailing list which is used to publicise exhibitions and invite selected guests to private views. This mailing list is available [on request] to the artist(s) for the sole purpose of publicising their exhibition at Hepsibah Gallery. It must not be used for any future exhibitions, or for any other purposes, by the artist(s). When the Hepsibah Gallery Mailing list is used and the exhibit publicised by Hepsibah then 20% commission on all sales over and above £1000 of sales is payable to the gallery.


Future use of any of the names on the Hepsibah Gallery mailing list by the artist(s) must be with the prior consent of the named individual(s) on the list. This is in compliance with the conditions of the Data Protection Act.



Signature of Artist accepting the terms and conditions of the Hepsibah Gallery:





LONDON W6 OBD.TEL:0208 7410025/07730596303







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